"Defining 20 Years of Demarcation"

The Municipal Demarcation Board (MDB) is an independent organisation which is mandated to determine and re-determine municipal boundaries, de-limit ward boundaries in local and metro municipalities. The MDB also conducts municipal capacity assessments to determine whether municipalities have the capacity to fulfil their powers and functions. Established in 1999 the MDB celebrates twenty years in existence , it’s against this backdrop that it will convene a conference to reflect on the past twenty years to reflect on the lessons learnt by the organisation as well as to engage stakeholders on the opportunities that lie ahead for the organisation.


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20 Years of Demarcation

EThe Municipal Demarcation Board is an independent authority responsible for the determination of municipal boundaries. The Board's status as an independent authority is also protected by section 3 of The Local Government: Municipal Demarcation Act, 1998, and various judgments by the Constitutional Court.



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The overall aim of this conference is to provide a platform for engagement amongst relevant stakeholders that can add practical value on discussions regarding the challenges and opportunities of the MDB within the constitutional mandate it operated in since it was established in 1999. This will be accomplished by reflecting on the past and present lessons in order to shape the future.

a. This conference is important because over the years since its existence, the MDB has been involved in determining and re-determining municipal boundaries, delimiting ward boundaries in local and metropolitan municipalities and rendering advisory service on matters in terms of Local Government: Municipal Demarcation Act, (Act No. 27 of 1998) as well as other appropriate legislation and in particular Local Government: Municipal Structures Act, (Act No. 117 of 1998). Consequently, this conference is:

(i) Firstly, an endeavour to enable the MDB to reflect on its achievements and failures in relation to its constitutional mandate.
(ii) Secondly, this conference would serve as a follow up session or an extension of the 2016 MDB conference, to provide further knowledge on the topical issues as well as opportunities for further deliberations.

The Conference seeks to achieve the following objectives:

a. To reflect and consider the MDB’s contribution and lessons learned on spatial transformation over the 20years of existence and set the path for the next 20 years.
b. To reflect on Local Government architecture (two tier system, wall to wall, categorisation of municipalities, powers and functions, (intermediate cities).
c. To reflect on how the objectives and goals of National Development Plan (NDP) can be achieved through demarcation.
d. To reflect on relationship between demarcation, ethnicity and racial issues as well as its impact on social cohesion.
e. To reflect on international trends or best practices on demarcation process.
f. To launch outcomes of the 2018 Municipal Capacity Assessments and inauguration of the new Board.


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