The MDB has, after consideration of inputs received from communities, delimited wards for all Batch 1 Municipalities, in terms of schedule 1 of the Municipal Structures Act.

Wards have been published in Provincial Gazettes, any person aggrieved by the determination of municipal wards may within 14 days of publication of the Provincial Gazette, submit objections in writing to the Board.

Written objections can be sent through the following platforms:

  • Fax: 086 524 8643

The gazettes are available on:

Provincial gazettes were published on different dates as reflected in the table below:

Province Publication Date Gazette No Notice No Closing Date
Eastern Cape 03 August 2020 4426 103 16 August 2020
Kwazulu Natal 06 August 2020 2201 73 19 August 2020
Mpumalanga 07 August 2020 3179 77 20 August 2020
Gauteng 12 August 2020 138 310 25 August 2020

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