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The MDB is mandated to demarcate municipal boundaries of the entire territory of the Republic.
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The Municipal Demarcation Board is an independent authority responsible for the determination of municipal boundaries. The Board’s status as an independent authority is also protected by section 3 of The Local Government: Municipal Demarcation Act, 1998, and various judgments by the Constitutional Court.

Background to the Municipal Demarcation Board

Prior to the establishment of a national Demarcation Board in 1999, the determination of municipal boundaries for the 1995-96 local elections was done in terms of the Local Government Transition Act, No 209 of 1993. Members of the provincial executive councils (MECs) determined the boundaries on the advice of provincial demarcation boards. Due to a provision in the Constitution [section 155(3)(b)], as well as to amendments to the Local Government Transition Act and the promulgation of the Municipal Demarcation Act, the nine provincial demarcation boards were disestablished and MECs were no longer responsible for the determination of municipal boundaries.

Frequently asked questions

The MDB demarcates municipal boundaries after the local government elections. This is due to the fact that municipal boundaries have to be in place for each local government election.

Apart from the MDB’s own initiative, a request can also be made by the Minister or MEC, or on request from a municipality with the concurrence of any other municipality affected by the proposed determination or redetermination (Section 22).

In terms of the Municipal Demarcation Act, any member of the public may propose a municipal boundary re-determination. However, the MDB would prefer that there would be proof that there has been prior consultation with the affected communities and affected municipalities.

• The MDB has no mandate for demarcating provincial boundaries.

• Provincial boundary demarcations are a competence of Parliament through a constitutional amendment.

• Representations regarding changes to municipal boundaries affecting provincial boundaries need to be submitted to national Minister responsible for Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs.

The Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) is the custodian and therefore responsible for voting stations and voting districts.

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