We commend the Government for their relentless efforts to mitigate against potentially devastating effects of Covid-19. We are proud for the leadership who understand and care for the well-being and health of all South African citizens during this difficult time.

Since the lockdown will be gradually lifted, we appeal to everyone to adhere to the regulations in place to flatten the curve. It is therefore the responsibility of each and every one of us to stay at home, stay safe and pull together to fight the pandemic.

Undoubtedly the advent of the novel covid-19 has instigated an unprecedented socio-economic downturn which will completely impact the way business is conducted and profoundly on how people engage with each other, professionally and personally. It is business unusual, the way we interact with our stakeholders will change immensely.

Whilst we are exploring other means to ensure that stakeholders are able to access information, we encourage all stakeholders to utilise online platforms such as the MDB website and social media platforms to access information.

According Circular 3 of 2020 issued just before the commencement of the lockdown, the date for submission of written submissions for ward delimitation is extended to 15 May 2020 until further notice.

As the President has alluded, we must not give up now, we must stay strong, stay home and stay safe.