The Municipal Demarcation Board (MDB) has commenced with the education and
awareness of the Municipal Ward Delimitation process.

The MDB delimits wards every five years preceding the local government elections (LGE)
in line with the Municipal Structures Act 117 0f 1998, schedule 1 as amended (MSA).

The education and awareness campaign will be rolled out in all Provinces from JulySeptember 2024 targeting all MDB stakeholders such as Traditional Leadership, Ward
Councillors, Ward Committees, Municipal Officials, members of the public etc.

The MDB will, thereafter, draft the first set of draft wards and present these at the public
consultation meetings scheduled between April and May 2025. Members of the public
and stakeholders will be afforded an opportunity to engage on the draft set of wards and
make comments or submit their own proposals.

Although this process is not legislated as per the Municipal Structures Act, it will be
conducted to reflect MDBs resolve to enhance its public participation processes.

Communities and stakeholders are requested to lookout for updates of the process on the
MDB website and social media platforms.

Circular 3 of 2024 provides more details on the process and can be accessed on the MDB

Circular 3 of 2024: Municipal Ward delimitation 2024-2025